Environment Friendly Repair Centre

West Perth Panel & Paint is very conscious of the environment and our repair centre has been awarded accreditation under the Green Stamp Program. The Green Stamp Program is an environment management initiative developed by the Motor Trades Association of Western Australia in conjunction with the Western Australian Department of Environment and Conservation.

The innovative program provides confidential environmental compliance reviews, advice and ongoing environmental support for businesses like West Perth Panel & Paint who are aiming to meet and exceed their environmental and waste management obligations. The project works with two goals in mind, the first being to improve environmental and waste management Green Stamp badge accreditated to our enviroment friendly repair centre awareness and compliance whilst working to reduce business costs through reducing waste, recycling and implementing energy saving initiatives. The second provides Green Stamp accredited workshops with a competitive market advantage as their business is clean and environmentally conscious.

It is estimated that the motor trade industry produces over 73.5 million litres of liquid waste, 3000 tonnes (plus another 928,999 m³) of solid waste and about 187,000 litres of gaseous waste annually, just in Western Australia.

West Perth Panel & Paint takes pride in it’s efforts knowing they are working to minimize the impact they have on the environment.